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“The Time Is NOW!”

Whether you are thinking of purchasing your first home, upgrading to a larger home, buying investment properties, or refinancing your current mortgage, the historically low interest rates are tugging at your ankles to make a decision NOW.

There are several reasons why some people are still on the fence. It may be that you’re waiting for interest rates to drop even lower…or maybe you’re waiting for home prices to come down. Or it’s possible that just the thought of what the mortgage process might be like causes you to have an anxiety attack.

Let us put things in perspective for you. We are asked daily, “What do you think the interest rates will be tomorrow? Do you think they will drop lower? Should I lock my rate now, or wait a couple of days?” Our answer is, “Well, let me pull out my crystal ball and take a look” (just kidding). We are not able to tell you what the interest rates will be in the future but we can tell you what they are now. And NOW the interest rates are at another historical low. NOW is the time to make a decision and take advantage of them.

Consider this. If you look at probabilities, it’s unlikely that interest rates will go much lower, and, should they drop by a small percentage, your monthly mortgage payment wouldn’t be a whole lot smaller. It seems more likely that interest rates will bounce upward again…and, depending on how high, this could have a big impact on your monthly payment and even your ability to qualify.

If you are a first time home buyer and have no idea how to go about obtaining a mortgage, we offer free, no obligation buyer consultations to go over the whole process either at our office or another location that might be more convenient for you. Prior to meeting, we’d request that you gather the following documents: * Most recent 2 months bank/asset statements * Most recent paystubs covering 30 consecutive days * W2s for 2008/2009/2010 * Federal tax returns for 2008/2009/2010 * Documentation of other sources of income

During your consultation we will sit down with you and review your finances, check your credit, determine how much of a house you can afford, and go over the mortgage process step by step. Be assured that we will take all the steps necessary to get your mortgage loan approved. After we complete the consultation, we will check to see if we are in position to issue you a loan preapproval letter so you can start shopping for a home. It is highly recommended that you get pre-approved for a mortgage BEFORE shopping for a home.

Once you receive your loan pre-approval letter, there are “Dos and Don’ts” to observe: * Do keep your job * Do save your money * Do keep paying your bills on time * Don’t make any large purchases * Don’t lose your job * Don’t make any large cash deposits into your bank account since they will be required to be paper trailed.

We at Guild Mortgage Company Hawaii pride ourselves in finding the right mortgage loan for all of our clients. Our goal is to keep you in a strong financial position while owning your own home. Our team of experienced, seasoned Loan Officers, will provide service exceeding your expectations you can count on it!

Please contact us for your free buyer’s consultation or for information on our fall series of home buyer’s seminars at 263-4622.

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