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“Visiting open houses is essential in making the right decision when purchasing a home.”

The best way to find out if the house or apartment you may have spotted in a print ad or on the internet is going to suit your lifestyle is to attend an open house.

Michael Yoshino (RA)
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There’s nothing like actually walking through the home to determine if it’s the right size, what kind of condition it’s in, and whether it’s worth the listed price. And, then the intangible does it “feel right.”

Perhaps the price is right in terms of your budget, but it may require an investment of several thousands of dollars to bring the property up to your standards. Or, it may turn out to be a fixer upper with great potential.

The listing real estate agent who is “sitting” the open house will be your best source of information about the home and the pricing. He or she will also be able to tell you about the features of the neighborhood, e.g., where are the closest schools, shopping, a bus route, etc. Ask the agent what, in his or her estimation, creates value in the home they are showing.

If you are interested in obtaining special information about permits, zoning, or financing, we are often able to provide it, but chances are these are topics we may want to research and discuss with you later in a personal meeting, on the phone, or via email.

However, the open house is a good opportunity to get to know the listing real estate agent and find out if he or she is someone you may want to continue to work with, even though the particular property may not be exactly right for you.

As a representative of the seller, the real estate agent also prepares printed information that the visitors to the open house can take away with them, for example, flyers with property information. A service many of us provide to the selling client is staging the home and creating maximum curb appeal, which can even extend to improving the landscaping. We basically are prepared to do whatever is needed to create a positive response in the visitors to the open house.

In some cases our buyer clients will ask us to accompany them to an open house to evaluate the property and help them make a decision when they have a number of different options. This can be an opportunity to open discussion with the selling real estate agent if the client is really serious and ready to buy.

Open houses are a good opportunity for buyers to educate themselves about the market, the neighborhood, and also to interview agents.

When visiting an open house, learn about housing prices by asking the Realtor why this particular home is priced the way it is. The agent can then explain what creates value in this home and homes in general. The more homes you visit, the better you will be able to compare homes and acquire an understanding of the market. Sometimes it’s valuable to look at homes that have features you don’t like, in order to figure out what’s really important to you.

Visiting open houses is essential in making the right decision when purchasing a home. A home purchase is usually the biggest financial transaction we make, so it is also vital to work with an agent who is the right match for you. If you are going to be selling a home, open houses are a great way to observe how different agents present and market homes to the visitors. Choosing the right agent will make your real estate buying or selling experience a positive one.

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