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Better Rates For Veterans And Everyone!

Accelin Loans LLC is a Honolulu lender dedicated to providing veterans with the most competitive rates possible. Owned by a local family, Accelin Loans LLC is a Honolulu-based company with a history of providing excellent rates on mortgage loans.

The company utilizes the latest technology to keep costs low and efficiency high, so consumers get a great deal on a loan that closes quickly. “We treat our customers like family, and like family they get the best deal possible and more importantly caring service,” said Accelin owner and Loan Originator Patrick Rogers.

He observes that some of the rates being offered to veterans by other lenders are higher than what the veterans could qualify for. “Our veterans deserve the best rates and service because of the sacrifices they have made in serving our country and protecting all of us. We offer excellent mortgage rates for veterans – for example, right now we have 3.375 percent (APR 3.39 percent) 30-Year Fixed Zero Down based on a loan amount of $400,000.”

For non VA borrowers, Accelin is offering excellent rates on conventional loans. The company offers a 1 percent down conventional program with no monthly mortgage and a $5,000 gift toward your down payment from the lender.

For more information contact Accelin Loans LLC, 1003 Bishop St., Suite 2700, Honolulu, HI 96813. Call (808) 376-2777.

One of many Five Star Reviews of Accelin Loans:

“Patrick and his team went out of their way to get my refinance processed, approved and closed in a timely and efficient manner. Despite being rejected by two other mortgage companies due to refinance income requirements, Patrick was willing to spend extra time and effort on his own volition to further analyze and research specific details which eventually got my refinance approved and closed. Accelin’s superior customer service made me feel comfortable at all times, kept me in the loop during the research & analysis phase of my refinance (due to my specific & unusual circumstances) and most importantly expressed constant confidence that my loan would go through. Congrats! to Patrick and his team for a job well done. I will definitely go back to them for all my mortgage needs.”

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