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Build Your Own Dream Home From The Ground Up

homes0721_2If you think building a brand new home is too hard and too expensive, think again! With an Owner/Builder Construction Loan from CU Network Services, building your dream home from the ground up, or transforming your present home with an addition or second story, just became possible.

While financing a building project can be tricky, Owner/Builder Construction Loans were created specifically for new home construction and remodeling. At CU Network Services, a loan officer will be able to evaluate your specific situation and match you up with the right type of financing. Here are some highlighted benefits of an Owner/Builder Construction Loan from CU Network Services.

Appraisal Value Based On Completed Home

Each Owner / Builder Construction Loan is funded based on the construction costs, making it an ideal option to rebuild or do major renovation on an existing home or constructing a new dwelling on vacant land.

Interest-Only Payments

Owner/Builder Construction Loans are typically short term loans of up to two years with interest only payments during the construction process.

Continuous Assistance Throughout The Construction Process

Each Owner / Builder Construction Loan is customized to fit the project, and varying amounts of funding are disbursed during each phase of construction. Your CU Network Services loan officer is with you every step of the way and will check in as each phase is completed.

Local Servicing And Funding

All Owner / Builder Construction Loans are processed and funded locally. This means that needed funds are made available to you in a timely manner to help get your construction started promptly.

As a specialty of CU Network Services, Owner / Builder Construction Loans have quickly gained popularity. This year alone, the loan officers at CU Network Services have funded numerous construction projects with more than $4.5 million in construction loans. To find out if an Owner/Builder construction loan is the right fit for your building project, or for more information, call 529-4599 or visit a CU Network Services home loan officer at 681 S. King St.

“We would highly recommend getting your construction financing through Miles Kimhan and the staff at CU Network Services. Having a contractor in our family, we wanted to save some money and build our own home. We spent months looking for a lender to finance our project, but then, luckily, we found out about CU Network Services Owner/Builder Construction Loans. Within weeks of our initial meeting with Miles, we were approved and able to get construction started.

The staff at CU Network Services was very helpful and knowledgeable of the whole building process, especially for an owner-builder like myself. From the initial stages of planning and permitting, their loan officers were able to explain everything to us and gave us good insight through each phase of construction.

As a now accomplished owner-builder, we were very impressed with the personal attention we got from the staff at CU Network Services. It was also comforting to work with a local lender who was available to come out to our construction site and actually be with us every step of the way.

If you’re looking to build your own home, the CU Network Services Owner/Builder Construction Loan is by far the easiest and fastest way to get your custom home built.”


Loretta T. and Family Honolulu

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