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Building Your Own Custom Home…It Could Be Your Best Option

As prices in today’s housing market continue to soar, finding inexpensive ways to build a custom home is appealing for potential owner-builders exploring this option. Building your dream home on your own land is a lifelong ambition for many, and understanding the construction process along with the risks and responsibilities it entails will help those looking to be their own general contractor. Here’s a quick overview of the home building process:

Pouring the foundation. A strong foundation is critical for the durability of your home as it serves as a sturdy platform for the weight of the structure over the years. Before laying out the foundation, the work site needs to be cleared of rocks, roots and debris prior to excavation. The installation of wooden forms provides a guide to pouring the foundation and will help to reinforce a solid base.

Framing and wiring. At the framing stage, lumber is used to create the floor, walls and roof, known as the shell of your home. The plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems are installed for each fixture once the initial framing is complete, followed by a heating and cooling layout for insulation.

Interior and exterior finishing. Once the drywall is hung, taped and painted, wood or tile flooring and cabinets can be installed. Other finishing touches can be done, such as adding decorative trim, fixing little nicks, touch up painting and cleaning the windows, etc.

Move in. During the course of the building process, inspection touchpoints ensure your home is in compliance with the building codes. Before moving in to your new custom home, consult with your builder to discuss warranty coverages and complete a final walkthrough to check for any last minute adjustments.

You’ve got the land, now prepare the foundation and watch your dream home come together. If you’re considering the owner-builder route, why not look into getting an Owner-Builder

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