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Buy A Home With 100% Financing, No Down With USDA Program

There is still an opportunity to take advantage of a true 100% financed, no down payment home loan. The almost “too good to be true” USDA mortgage loans are available from Honolulu HomeLoans.

Eligible areas and income limits are shown in the charts. If you qualify by area and income and are a U. S. citizen 18 years of age or older, you may be able to take advantage of this loan program to purchase the home of your dreams…and at the prevailing low interest rates. You don’t need to be a first-time home buyer, but the home you are planning to finance with a USDA loan must be your primary residence.

This USDA program offers 30 year fixed interest rates which are now at historical lows. Not only is it a no money down loan, it is insured and backed by the United States of Department of Agriculture (USDA). Additional benefits of the USDA home loan are flexible credit guidelines, no maximum loan amounts, and eligibility of both new and existing homes.

Income restrictions have been set by each county in the USDA Guaranteed Housing Program. (See Chart)

According to an October 5, 2012 USDA news release, some of these eligible designated areas in Hawaii may become ineligible on March 27, 2013 due to the implementation of the 2010 census data.

So if you’re in the market for a new home and want to take advantage of one of the most favorable mortgage loan programs available today, please contact us as soon as possible…while the existing criteria as outlined still apply!

For a free prequalification consultation and to find out if you qualify for the USDA loan program, contact a Honolulu HomeLoans loan officer at (808) 681-7500.

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