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Mihe Muraoka
Operations Manager
(NMLS# 315371)

With so many home buyers looking to take advantage of the current low interest rates, it is no surprise that Hawaii’s inventory of homes for sale remains relatively low.

As a consequence, some buyers in a rush to take advantage of favorable mortgage rates may settle for a home that is simply adequate for their current needs.

However, rather than settling for a less than perfect home, consider the alternative of purchasing a vacant lot and building your dream home from the ground up.

Land and construction financing are specialties of CU Network Services. They have already funded more than $4.5 million in loans in the first quarter of this year. Many lenders look at land loans as risky, so it is important to choose a local and experienced lender familiar with this unique type of loan. With a Land Loan from CU Network Services, you can secure your lot while you save your reserve cash at the credit union and earn dividends for your home building project.

When you are ready to begin building, a CU Network Services Owner/Builder Construction loan will allow you to convert the remaining balance of your land loan into a construction loan. These loans are typically short-term and offer interest-only payments during the construction process. Each construction loan is customized to fit the specific project with varying amounts of funding being disbursed during each phase of construction.

CU Network Services home loan officers have years of experience in land and construction lending. They understand the process and the obstacles borrowers often face when building a new home. Once they become familiar with your particular situation and construction plans, they will match you up with the right kind of financing to ensure your project is completed on schedule and within the established budget.

homes0804_3While this route to homeownership may take longer than purchasing a listed home, you’ll be getting a brand new custom home built to your specifications and not settling for “good enough.” Plus, all CU Network Services Land and Owner/ Builder Construction Loans are funded locally, meaning that the needed funds are made available to you in a very timely manner.

To find out if a Land Loan or an Owner/Builder Construction Loan is the right fit for your building project, visit one of their home loan officers at 681 South King Street or call them at 529-4599; to apply online, visit today!

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