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Create Your Legacy In 2018

When you look at the net worth of most wealthy people, you’ll find that real estate comprises a large amount of their wealth.

Why do the wealthy invest in Real Estate?

Some will say it’s a safe investment, particularly in Hawaii.

Some say they like tangible investments.

Some like the flexibility compared to other types of investment tools.

Bottom line is the wealthy make their money make money.

With a minimum of 25% down you can leverage some of the lowest interest rates we’ve seen in our lifetime.

The Ihara Team holds Free Seminars called “Wealth Building through Real Estate,” which have received an overwhelming response around the island.

These seminars show families how to build wealth through real estate.

Learn how to “Buy and Flip” properties for short term capital gains, “Buy and Hold” for long term passive income or “Create a Legacy” with your real estate FOR FREE!

There are many Real Estate Seminars on the market that want you to pay them for their model or system. This is not one of those.

This is simply a place to learn how professionals have helped over 700 families build wealth through Real Estate.

Their real life examples, with hard data and photos, will excite you to start the process of building wealth through real estate.

The Ihara Team is Hawaii’s leading Real Estate Seminar provider and have presented at over 800+ venues on a variety of topics. Over the last 12 years they have built “The

Complete Solution” for Real Estate which has helped The Ihara Team become One of the 50 Fastest Growing companies in Hawaii.

The Complete Solution is a family of companies comprised of The Ihara Team (buy, sell, invest in Real Estate), Hi Property Management (Manages rental properties), DeClutter Hawaii (helps people Declutter), Senior Move Managers (helps older adults declutter and move) and Stage Hawaii (increase the home’s value with staging).

So please, join us so we can help you build your Portfolio the right way!

You can RSVP by calling Irene at 808-798-5549 or RSVP online at Ihara.Eventbrite.Com

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