Easy financing for Solar PV systems

If you’re tired of paying high electric bills that only seem to increase every year, consider going green in ’13! A renewable energy system for your home will not only reduce your current utility bills but will pay for itself in years to come.

Among the many green solutions currently available, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have become the favored renewable energy system for residential use. PV systems generate electricity by harnessing energy from the sun. Once installed, the benefits of a PV system will become apparent with decreases in your electric bill.

Purchasing and installing a PV system is not an inexpensive project, but there are state and federal tax credits that can make it more affordable. But even with tax benefits, other financial assistance may be needed.

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU) has recently introduced a new Solar Photovoltaic Loan Special to make it easier for homeowners to go green and save. Unlike many other PV loans offered in Hawaii,

HCFCU’s PV Loan Special allows you to work with the solar contractor of your choice and does not require the use of your home’s equity. The revised program requires no payments for the first six months! With flexible terms available, their experienced loan officers are there to work with you to find the best financing solution for your specific needs and situation.

If going green in ’13 is one of your goals, let HCFCU help you achieve it by making a new renewable energy system installation in your home affordable. For more information about their PV Loan Special or any of their other loan products, call their Consumer Loan Department at 536-3677 or visit them at 681 S. King St.

Federally insured by NCUA. Certain restrictions apply. Interest will continue to accrue during the first six months of the loan.

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