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First Step To Homeownership

Homes-092114-3For Wendy Nakasone, it was a radio ad that prompted her to take the first step toward her goal of homeownership: calling the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center (HHOC) to sign up for their homebuyer education and coaching program.

As a single mom, Wendy had doubts that her dream of homeownership could become reality could she really afford to purchase a home for herself and her daughter on her income? For Wendy and other first-time buyers, HHOC can fill in the blanks regarding what’s involved in the home buying process, from getting qualified for a loan to shopping for a home to escrow and closing.

Not knowing where to start can be the biggest barrier potential homebuyers face. Many prospective buyers in Hawaii give up on their hopes of becoming a homeowner because they believe any home would probably cost more than they can afford or that there won’t be anything affordable that will meet their needs.

The Hawaii HomeOwnership Center has been the answer for more than 1,000 clients who became “successful homeowners” after completing the HHOC program. They learned that homebuyer assistance programs are available, that they can qualify for a loan, and that help is available to create an action plan to reach their home-ownership goal.

Although Wendy came to HHOC with uncertainty, the action plan designed for her by her counselor soon gave her the confidence she needed to move forward. “I am now the proud owner of a townhouse in beautiful Mililani,” Wendy says. “My daughter and I now have a place we call ‘home,’ where we create wonderful memories with our family and friends.”

The Hawaii HomeOwnership Center is a one-stop-shop of classes and individual coaching for first-time buyers looking for a trusted and safe source of information. If you’re thinking of buying a home today or in a few years, take the very important first step to homeowner-ship register for a homebuyer education class. You won’t regret it HHOC provides support to their members even after they buy a home. Contact them at 5239500 or

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