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Have Credit, Property, Or Income Challenges?

Dave Jimenez
Loan Originator • Accelin Loans LLC
808-762-1418 • NMLS 1298095

Don’t Give Up On Your Home Loan… Call Us.

Accelin Loans is excited to offer many programs to help potential home owners get the loan they need to buy the home they want. We also offer a flexible re-finance programs for existing home owners.

Want the lowest rates around? Whether VA, Conventional, or FHA, Accelin Loans will give you wholesale lenders’ rate offers even in today’s higher retail rate market.

Challenged Credit?

We can offer loans to people with credit scores as low as 500…with recent mortgage payment lates, collections / judgments. We also provide you with your mortgage credit report at no charge if you apply for a mortgage with us. After we pull your report, we can give you tips on improving your credit scores, often drastically. These services are provided free of charge by Accelin.

Recently been through a bankruptcy?

Whether a Chapter 7, 11, or 13, just call us. We may have a program that will work for you, even with a foreclosure. Do you have investment assets but not a lot of provable income to help you qualify for a mortgage?

Anthony K. Young
Loan Originator • Accelin Loans LLC
808-800-2647 • NMLS 336433

We have very competitive rates on creative programs that will convert your financial investments into monthly income…and your investments stay where you have them! Where the projected income of the property you’re buying qualifies you for the property, not your own income.

Do you have a retirement account?

Your $300,000 retirement account is worth up to $7,890 in monthly qualifying income (Distribution required, call for details.)

Dream house out of reach income-wise?

You can use projected rental income to help you qualify for your mortgage loan…or even use income from a boarder or your additional dwelling unit.

Cannot prove your income at all?

Accelin has loans that require only bank statements but no income documentation for investment properties.

Not much money for a down payment?

Ask about our Zero-Down Loan Programs.

Low Jumbo Rates

Accelin has very competitive rates for high loan amounts. By utilizing wholesale lenders and a cap on net revenue, Accelin will save you a ton of money. Call for details!

Property is not conforming”?

Has your loan been turned down because the property is a hard-to-finance condominium, or renovations not properly permitted, or not connected to county water, sewer, etc. We have mortgage loan programs that can help.

Non USA buyer?

We have programs for foreign nationals and nonpermanent residences. Make your Hawaii dream come true!

Leasehold Condo or even a Condo-tel?

We are one of the only lenders that can do these in Hawaii at competitive rates.

Have VA Benefits but credit issues?

We can go down to a 500 credit score for you, too! Plus, we offer super low wholesale VA loan rates.

For more information, call Accelin at (808) 762-1418. Accelin Loans LLC is located at 1003 Bishop St., Suite 2700, Honolulu, HI 96813.

Accelin Loans LLC Hawaii

Accelin Loans is a Honolulu lender owned by a family and dedicated to providing the most competitive rates possible. “We have a history of providing excellent rates on mortgage loans,” said Accelin owner and Loan Originator Patrick Rogers. The company utilizes the latest technology to keep costs low and efficiency high, so consumers get a great deal on a loan that closes quickly. We treat our customers like family, and like family they get the best deal possible and, more importantly, caring service.

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