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Helping Hawaii Home Sellers Realize the Benefits of Working with Veteran Homebuyers

Tony Dias
Executive Director
of Business Relations & Education
Veterans United Home Loans of Hawaii
NMLS #222836

If you’re looking to sell your home, now is the time. Hawaii’s current housing market highly favors the seller. The economy has started to recover, and buyers are ready to purchase once more in Hawaii.

Interest rates are now on the rise. This fact is driving buyers to take advantage of low-cost mortgages while they’re still around. For veterans, active duty service members and their families, this is an especially great time to purchase with their VA home loan benefits. However, there is a gap in new inventory, which leaves few homes available to purchase. With an influx of buyers, it becomes increasingly common for sellers to not only receive offers for the full asking price, but for them to also receive multiple offers from eager prospective homeowners.

This leaves home sellers in Hawaii with an important decision to make. How do you choose who will buy your home? Sellers have many options here, but not all of them are backed by the confidence of the area’s number one VA purchase lender.* When your potential homebuyer works with Veterans United Home Loans of Hawaii, that clients’ purchase offer comes with serious benefits that make them especially appealing to sellers.

At Veterans United Home Loans of Hawaii, our preapproval process is thorough. We carefully review our clients’ documents and financial qualifications, so that by the time they make an offer, they are undoubtedly a quality home-buyer. Our team of home loan professionals includes VA Loan Specialists, in-house Processors, as well as a unique component to our company – Transaction Coordinators. Our Transaction Coordinators objective is to communicate with all parties from beginning to end. This communication encompasses our borrower, the buyer’s and seller’s agent, and escrow. In addition to making sure our homebuyers are reliable borrowers and creating a smooth process for everyone involved, we’ve created yet another advantage to working with a Veterans United client.

We are so confident in clients purchasing ability that we are introducing a $500 Seller Guarantee Program to Hawaii sellers and real estate agents. If our homebuyer’s loan does not close for any reason outside of home inspection or minimum property requirements, Veterans United Home Loans of Hawaii will mail the seller a check for $500. We’re making this commitment because we stand by our Veteran and their preapproval letter.

We believe the VA Loan is a hard-earned benefit, and our Veterans deserve the opportunity to take advantage of it – even in a competitive market. By working with a Veterans United Home Loans of Hawaii client, sellers should feel safer. They can rest easy knowing that, by accepting our homebuyer’s offer; they are progressing with a team that will work to complete the loan process. If something falls through, they will have $500 for their time. With the current market climate, these sellers shouldn’t have any trouble selling their homes, and we look forward to working them with in the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this valuable $500 Seller Guarantee works, contact your local VA home loan professional at Veterans United Home Loans of Hawaii today.

Veterans United seminars include Powerpoint presentations and free workbooks. Question and answer periods follow the presentations. For more information and directions, call 677-LOAN (5626).

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