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Hurricane Preparedness For Homeowners

If you haven’t noticed, hurricane season is here. With Hurricane Lane and Tropical Storm Olivia still fresh in our minds, homeowners should stay prepared through the end of the season in November. Your home is a huge investment. That’s why the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® offers these tips on how to protect it, which can make a huge difference in the amount of damage you could face.


Placing a big X or grid of duct tape across your windows isn’t enough to stand up against the high-force winds of a hurricane. Board windows up with plywood that’s at least 5/8 inches thick to mitigate against major damage. You can also opt to replace existing windows with high-impact glass.


Doors with loose screws or missing bolts are not going to be able to withstand hurricane-force winds. Be sure your doors are properly installed and secured. Install at least a 1-inch deadbolt to make doors sturdier. If your doors are made of glass, protect them the same way you would your other windows.


Newer home construction often calls for hurricane straps or clips, which are added to a roofing structure to hold the roof in place in the face of strong winds. Older homes and those built without straps can be retrofitted with these reinforcements. Get a qualified contractor who knows how to properly install them. You should also check your roof to see if any of your shingles are loose and clear out your gutters of any debris.


No matter the wind speed, trees and limbs can become airborne during a hurricane. The stronger the winds, the more potential for trees to fall on your home or for branches to crash through a window. To reduce the risk, trim back trees away from structures and remove any that are leaning or appear to not be sturdy.


There is always the potential of flooding during a hurricane. In addition to moving things off the floor or to the second story, if you have one, be sure to protect important personal documents and other items you can’t afford to lose. Place documents in waterproof envelopes or a fireproof, waterproof safe.

Some damage from hurricanes can’t be prevented but being prepared will help minimize the impact to your home and property, as well as give you better peace of mind. Your

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