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Landlord Tenant Q&A

Broker-In Charge, Callahan Realty, Ltd.
Past President, Oahu Chapter
National Association of Residential Property Managers

Because of the huge success of our recent NARPM Property Management Seminar, I’ve decided to use our weekly column this Sunday to say “mahalo” to the approximately 300 people who attended, to our seminar committee members and guest speakers, to the vendors who participated in the trade show, and to the StarAdvertiser for their support of the event.

This was the sixth year we have presented this seminar in the interests of providing the information “mom and pop” landlords need to manage their properties efficiently and in accordance with the law. Also, among the attendees were many professionals in the business, both new and seasoned agents, picking up the latest information, both in the morning sessions and in the question and answer period that kicked off during the buffet luncheon. Questions from the floor were fielded by principal speakers Sue Savio of Insurance Associates, Terry Seelig of the Honolulu Fire Department, Jelani Madaraka of HUD, and attorney Nathan Aipa of Pitluck, Kido and Aipa. Attorney Kenneth Lau also volunteered his time to review the Landlord-Tenant Code and discuss evictions.

Had we been able to accommodate more people in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce banquet room, we could have filled it at least half again, maybe more. The vast majority of attendees were readers of the Star-Advertiser and our Landlord Tenant Q & A column, published weekly in the Sunday real estate section. We know this for a certainty because we conducted a formal survey at the event asking people how they heard about the seminar. This newspaper and word of mouth were overwhelmingly cited as the primary sources of information.

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support both our organization and the property management industry have received from the StarAdvertiser. The newspaper has been our partner in helping us educate private landlords who are out there working hard, learning, asking questions, and trying to manage their properties the right way.

I was present all day teaching and talking to the attendees and was especially impressed with those who manage their own properties. They had great questions…so many that our panel of experts could not get to all of them. So in this column in the coming weeks we will be publishing both the best questions and answers of the day as well as those we didn’t have time for.

And finally, thanks again to all of the NARPM members who taught the various sessions and participated in the panels, and to those NARPM members who worked behind the scenes to make the event happen. We look forward to presenting the 7th Annual Property Management Seminar in August 2012…we will keep you posted.


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