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Planning For Your Purchase In 2018

Darnell K. Souza
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS 275748
Compass Home Loans
MLOC # 1194719

Interest rates are low, the real estate market continues to be on the rise and everyone wants to buy a home before it’s too late! A recent uptick in available housing inventory and steady mortgage rates may present the ideal window of opportunity for prospective home buyers.

So, how do buyers put themselves in the best position to seize the home of their dreams? 3 Simple Steps…1) Preparation, 2) A Successful Program, and 3) having a successful strategic team of knowledgeable professionals who will guide you through the complexities involved. We’ve heard many times that preparation is the key to winning. Well, it’s no different when buying a home. This recipe of success will give you the leading advantage you’ll need in today’s competitive market.


Before executing a plan of action to succeed, one must first have a complete plan. Providing a complete financial packet to the mortgage professional will be KEY to your success. Missing documents is like missing ingredients in a recipe that could result in a fiasco. Timeliness is the counterpart to your plan of action. With the expectation level that advanced technology and social media have placed on our society today, time is of the essence in developing your plan of action. Without either, it could place you at the back of the line when submitting an offer on that dream home. Remember…planning for success takes time, so avoid procrastination and PLAN AHEAD.


Now that your plan of action is complete, you’ll need a strategic program that will give you the leading advantage over other buyers and assure sellers they are working with a buyer who will satisfy their concerns.

Through our Buyer Advantage program, we offer assurance to the most common seller concerns by providing:

1) A “TBD” Approval (property “to be determined”), which is a validated approval that states the buyer has been conditionally approved by our credit decision team, who are the final decision-makers and not simply a computer-generated validation. A “TBD” approval provides assurance to the seller that the buyer’s financial documents have been examined and conditionally approved, BEFORE determining a property. Once a property has been determined and a contract accepted, the TBD approval minimizes the documents needed to complete the transaction for closing (requiring mostly property-related items such as appraisal, title, and insurance documents); And,

2) An “On-Time Close Guarantee” assuring the seller we will meet their financing deadlines as set forth in the Purchase Contract or the buyer is given a $1,000 credit towards their closing costs.

(Note: Some restrictions apply. Contact us for details.)

With a TBD Approval on-hand supported by an On-Time Close Guarantee, the buyer is strategically placed in a more desirable position when making an offer.

#3 SST SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY TEAM Finally, executing the program to accomplish the plan. Working with an experienced team of mortgage and real estate professionals through their collaborative efforts will be the final glue that gives a buyer the leading advantage in a competitive market such as one we are faced with today.

If you are interested in learning how to take advantage of our Buyer Advantage program that has helped many of our buyers win that offer, contact one of our professional Home Loan Originators at Compass Home Loans at (808) 518-3650 or

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