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Ready to buy a home or refinance? CUSO can guide the way

Vince J. Otsuka
(NMLS# HI-329573)
CUSO of Hawaii Services LLC

CUSO of Hawaii Services LLC’s experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the very best customer service. They are ready to work with you at your convenience and to answer all your questions. There’s a user-friendly website, too.

Vince Otsuka (NMLS No. HI329573), president of CUSO of Hawaii Services LLC, discussed Hawaii’s mortgage loan industry and trends.

Question: How’s business?

Answer: We are doing well. Right now we are servicing about 2,200 mortgage loans at an estimated $550 million. Last year we funded more than $90 million in mortgage loans.

Question: Where do you think the real estate market is going for the near future -say, for instance, the next few months?

Answer: With mortgage interest rates still low, I think this might be the time to jump in if you’re seriously considering buying a home or thinking about refinancing your current loan. Of course, these are huge decisions, but our CUSO specialists can guide you along the way as they have for so many other home buyers.

Question: How long has CUSO of Hawaii Services LLC been in business?

Answer: CUSO was created in 2000. We have offices in three locations: 988 Fort Street Mall across from Macy’s downtown, 832 South Hotel Street behind Straub Clinic, and 2200 Kamehameha Highway in Kalihi near the big Marukai store.

We are the largest such organization in the state with a staff of 17, most of whom have been in the financial industry for many years. For instance, Teri Lynn Oshita (NMLS No. HI-270630), our sales manager, has been in the business for 22 years and knows every facet of the industry, from processing to sales. Other seasoned professionals include Vim Balantac (NMLS No. HI-351537), our senior mortgage loan originator, with 17 years in the business, and Kevin Uyehara, mortgage loan originator (NMLS No. HI-350832). And, with 17 CUSO staffers, we are able to help more people who are seeking to buy a home or to refinance.

Question: How do people get in touch with CUSO if they want to make an appointment?

Answer: Call us at 539-0383. Also check out our website, It’s always best to see us in person so we can give you the most current information and educate you on your best options.

Question: What else is on your website?

Answer: You can actually fill out a pre-qualification application online. There’s a loan calculator, and calculators for mortgage payoff and mortgage refinancing, among other options. But again, it’s always best to call us for faster, more complete information.

Question: One last thing. What exactly does CUSO stand for?

Answer: It stands for Credit Union Service Organization.

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