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Median home prices can be a deterrent for many would-be homebuyers as they think they are priced out of Hawaii’s real estate market. Most do not realize that the median home price represents the middle price of all the homes sold; therefore, half of the buyers purchased homes below the median price. This misunderstanding can […]

To A Senior Living Community

When moving to a senior living community, many people contemplate what to do with their home. Should you rent or sell? There are several factors to consider when you are making this decision. Rent: Shari S. Motooka Higa, is an instructor for the National Association of REALTORS® Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation credit courses. According […]

Coastal Options – Southeastern Oahu – Diamond Head

In the late 1950s a unique new neighborhood was in the early stages of development at the eastern end of Waikiki. By the end of the 1960s, the half-mile of prime real estate between the ocean and Kapiolani Park was occupied by high rise condominium and co-op apartment buildings and the Gold Coast had acquired […]

Hurricane Preparedness For Homeowners

If you haven’t noticed, hurricane season is here. With Hurricane Lane and Tropical Storm Olivia still fresh in our minds, homeowners should stay prepared through the end of the season in November. Your home is a huge investment. That’s why the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® offers these tips on how to protect it, which can […]

landlord/tenant Q&A

LAURENE H. YOUNG, (B) MPM, RMP, REALTOR Young Hawaii Homes, Inc. 2011 President, Oahu Chapter National Association of Residential Property Managers Q. I am renting out 3 rooms in my house, do I have to provide parking? Am I allowed to choose only women, I would feel much more comfortable than having a man in […]

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