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Realtors Become Builders for a Day

Each year, the Coldwell Banker Foundation benefits charities both from volunteer support and financial donations provided by agents and staff of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties’ five Oahu offices.


Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties participates in four different charities annually. This year, the 13-member selection committee voted to offer one of its services to Habitat for Humanity — and it would be a “first.”

“Since we are in the business of finding homes for people, it made sense to learn more about what goes into building a home,” said Fannie Cline (R), Senior Vice President and Broker-in-Charge at the Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties Windward office, who chairs the Foundation Committee.

“We were not sure Habitat would have a project for us, but when we approached the Honolulu Habitat Executive Director Jim Murphy we found out that they had a small construction job made to order for a group of amateurs.”


Murphy offered the group an opportunity to build storage sheds for six new self-help homes completed in December in the Hawaiian Home Lands subdivision of Kumuhau in Waimanalo.

“When Habitat builds a home with a partner family, we also usually build a storage shed on the property for tools and materials … then give it to the family as a gift when the project is completed. However, for this particular subdivision we rented a storage unit, so the sheds were not yet built. The folks from the Coldwell Banker Foundation came along at just the right time,” said Murphy.

The sheds are simple wood structures 12 feet square and 8 feet high without any plumbing or electrical components. The 50 Coldwell Banker volunteers arrived at the job site at 7:30 a.m. May 30, and worked until 4 p.m.

“We were only able to complete two storage sheds since most of the morning was spent learning the process and some basic carpentry skills. Construction professionals are on the job also to supervise and step in to assist when needed. It was a great learning experience and an opportunity to see firsthand how Habitat operates and works with the partner families. This is a great organization providing a much-needed service in the community, and we look forward to working with them again next year,” Cline said.


Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties also made a cash donation of $4,000 to Habitat. “We are always happy to include Realtors in our projects,” Murphy said. “We have the same goals … improving our communities through home-ownership.”

Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties agents and staff labor for a good cause at the Habitat for Humanity jobsite in Waimanalo.

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