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Renovated Plantation-Era Homes Are New Housing Option

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Vineyard Investment’s Patrick Low has a vision for Wahiawa as a revitalized country town offering new options for housing and upgraded services. His company’s investment and management resources are focused on providing new and existing residents with quality rentals and affordable homes that reflect the community’s plantation heritage.

Low, a licensed real estate broker, created Vineyard Investment in 2005 and has been involved in commercial real estate and construction for 23 years. He describes his company as “vertically integrated,” providing project management, construction and asset management, as well as property management.

“With its picturesque surroundings and small-town atmosphere, Wahiawa provides a desirable environment for a family-oriented lifestyle,” Low said. “Vineyard Investment has contributed to the quality of life in the community over the years through its property-management services. Now we are fulfilling a new commitment to provide affordable housing and, at the same time, preserve one of Wahiawa’s historical assets. Both new and remodeled single family homes are currently available in our Hale Ilima project, a cluster of 13 detached plantation era dwellings. Four homes are being marketed, all with four bedrooms, three with two baths and one with two-and-a-half baths, priced at $575,000 and $595,000, fee simple.”

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The project site is a 2.34-acre parcel located at the corner of Kilani Avenue and Ilima Street, west of California Avenue. The property is heavily vegetated and includes mature trees, including large lychee trees that will be preserved within the development due to their historic significance.

In the early 1900s, the parcel that includes Hale Ilima was acquired from the Holloway Trust lands by Mannosuke Komu, who sold it in 1924 to Harry Kong and Edna Chong Kong. They began planting fruit trees and building homes on the site, continuing through the late ’60s for a total of 13 homes. Low, who purchased the property in January of 2013, has refined the project and has plans for six additional homes that will retain the plantation-era architectural style.

“The existing buildings are constructed on post and pier foundations with wood walls and pitch shingle roofs,” Low said. All the units include charming porches, double-hung windows and roof lines that preserve the plantation-era feel. The 20-plus significant trees on the property are located primarily along lot lines, and so create shade and privacy for the homes. Hale Ilima is located two blocks from Wahiawa Town, which is experiencing vitalization. Those of us who have been involved in this Wahiawa renaissance over the years support the concept of a ‘walkable community’ with convenient services and quality shopping and dining options, as well as the Central Oahu Sustainable Communities Plan vision of a ‘town within a forest.'”

For more information, call Kanani Adams (RA) at Vineyard Investment Realty at 421-9513, or email

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