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Saving Energy = Saving Money, and Aloha Pacific FCU Can Help

Everywhere you look, “green” is the new black: Sustainable, environmentally friendly behavior – epitomized by the Three Rs of recycling, reusing and reducing – is not just in vogue, it can leave more money in your pocket.

With record high gas and electricity prices, upgrading to “green” technologies makes sense and could save you hundreds of dollars per month. Solar water heaters and electricity-producing photovoltaic cells harness the sun’s free energy. New hybrid or high-efficiency cars have a dramatic effect on your monthly gas bill.

To capture these savings, Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union has several loan programs to encourage you to make the switch. These include special solar water-heating and photovoltaic loans and discounts on “green” car loans.

Or there’s the all-in-one solution: APFCU’s extraordinary Home Equity Line of Credit, with a low, 3.5% APR (annual percentage rate), fixed for 35 months* and adjusted quarterly thereafter. The current index rate is 5% APR.

The terms include:

* No credit union closing cost
* No annual fee
* No prepayment penalty
* $350 discount on third-party fees for loans up to $250,000
* Free checks or online transfers
* Plus, the interest may be tax deductible (contact your tax advisor)

Aloha Pacific FCU, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary, has been “Building Lasting Relationships” with generations of Island families. Its HELOC is built for the long term, and can make your energy-saving dreams come true.

Wallace Y. Watanabe
President and CEO
Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union

Used Auto Loan is a Special, Limited-Time Offer

When you buy a previously owned vehicle, that’s recycling, too! So if you have your eye on a good used car, Aloha Pacific FCU can get you into the driver’s seat while saving you money.

It’s a limited-time offer, through August 31, part of APFCU’s continuing 75th Anniversary celebration:

* 5.25% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for up to 5 years
* No limit on the vehicle’s age
* Loan approvals may be subject to collateral value and inspection of the vehicle
* For new loans, the minimum amount is $2,500
* For APFCU existing loans, the minimum amount advanced is $2,500.

Visit any Aloha Pacific FCU branch, go online to www. or call 531-3711 for more information.

Rate is effective 6/1/2012-8/31/2012. Loan programs are subject to membership ($100 in Savings), credit approval and collateral value of the vehicle. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Applicable to used cars only; no age limit on the vehicle. No prepayment penalty. New loan: $2,500 minimum loan amount. APFCU existing loan: $2,500 minimum advanced. No additional discounts; not to be combined with any other promotions. Subject to change; other restrictions may apply. Contact an employee for details about applicable fees and other terms.

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