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Single-Family Home or Condo?

As Hawaii’s limited inventory of single family homes continues, it’s no surprise we’re seeing a surge in condominiums and townhouses being developed. From high luxury to more affordable units, these new developments are allowing home buyers more options to consider when choosing between a traditional house or a condominium. Here are some advantages of each type of home to consider:

Advantages of Single Family Homes

Less Maintenance

As a condominium owner, you are responsible only for the interior of your unit. Most exterior repairs, including roofing, painting, etc., are covered by your HOA dues and are the responsibility of the condominium association. Maintenance of the grounds is also covered, eliminating the need for yard work by the residents.


While condominiums vary considerably in price, they tend to be more affordable than single family homes. A condo unit located right down the street from a single family home could be listed at half the price of the house.


Many condominiums have security features that provide additional protection for the owners, such as security guards, electronic entry systems and gates. Also, the close proximity of neighbors can contribute to a sense of security.


Condominiums often offer amenities such as a swimming pool, gym and recreational area that is shared by the owners.

These types of amenities may not be affordable for a single family home owner. Additionally, their maintenance is covered by HOA dues.

Outdoor Space

With single family homes, you own the land your home sits on, providing space for a yard where the kids can play, a garden, and a driveway for parking. Also, the outdoor space means more options for pets without the restrictions generally involved in condominium living.


With no shared walls with neighbors, elevators and other common areas, single family homes offer a more quiet environment and greater sense of privacy than condos. You are also less limited in terms of parking and noise when entertaining guests.

Room to Expand

There is more opportunity and flexibility when it comes to remodeling or adding more square footage to your home. With a single family home, you can modify or expand your home as you wish as long as you have an approved building permit. Renovations in condos need to be approved by an association.

Investment Value

Single family homes tend to be less sensitive to real estate market swings and will typically appreciate in value faster than a condo or townhouse. Also, with no association fees to pay, any money you put into your house goes solely towards your investment.

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