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Spotlight On North Shore Pipeline


Third in a series

Over the past decade prices for Oahu’s prime oceanfront properties have continued to climb, reaching the eight digit level in the Kahala-Diamond Head area. New records were set by beachfront real estate on the Windward Coast. Now the Island’s North Shore is seeing escalation of property values to multi-million-dollar price points, with a Sunset Beach area dual listing currently top-ping the inventory at $20,000,000.

Contributing to the recent spike in property values on the North Shore – the stretch of coastline between Kahuku and Kaena Point is the ongoing and increasing international media exposure the sport of surfing has generated for beachfront neighborhoods, such as Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Haleiwa.

Although film and television productions have created name recognition for North Shore communities since the 1960s, the validation of surfing as an international sport with organized competitions sponsored by major vendors has had the effect of attracting a new wave of home buyers and real estate investors to the area. Both residential and commercial development now support a lifestyle with all the conveniences and amenities of any suburban community. The population is a mix of full-time and part time residents, many of them second home owners from the Mainland U. S. and Asia. Surfing and other water sports, the wide golden sand beaches, and “laid back” country ambiance remain the principal enticements for weekenders from other parts of the island and tourists alike.

A fair number of professional surfers, retired pros, and other celebrities have purchased properties in North Shore communities, as well as major surfing vendors such as Billabong and Volcom who utilize their homes during the surfing competitions and other times as well.

The properties currently offered by List Sotheby’s International Realty are both located in the Sunset area fronting Banzai Pipeline Beach, site of the Billabong Pipe Masters. This is the final event in the World Surf League’s annual world championship tour and also the last event in the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing. The 2016 Pipe Masters competition is scheduled this year for December 8 through 20, with surf conditions dictating the actual time of the competition.

The two new listings are a 6,740 square foot property at 59-367 Ke Nui Road with a two bedroom, one bath, beach cottage built in 1971 and an adjacent 6,279 square foot property at 59-369 Ke Nui Road with a four bedroom, two bath single family home with 1,628 interior square feet offered individually at $10,000,000 or together for $20,000,000.

LIST Sotheby’s International sales agent Jeffrey A. Hughes (RA), who has co-listed the properties with sales agent Renee Hampton (RA), said, “You have the option of purchasing each property separately for $10 million or combined for $20 million. By combining the two lots, which are zoned R-5, you end up with an incredible property with just over 13,000 square feet of land and 100 linear feet of beach frontage…not to mention having a front row seat to view the Pipeline surf break.

“A bustling surf scene in the winter months settles into a more serene and peaceful one as winter ends. The beach that has been crowded with event spectators and surfers turns into a great spot to relax on the golden sand, breathe the fresh ocean air, enjoy the clear blue water, gaze out to the horizon, and wait for the nightly sunset spectacle the area is known for.”

Hughes and Hampton are showing the properties by appointment.

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