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The American Dream Can Come True, with Help from APFCU

HOMES-011115-4Resolve to reap the benefits of home ownership

It’s a new year, a time of renewal and resolutions.

Do you resolve to make the American Dream come true for you, to own your own home? Despite rising real estate prices in Honolulu, the dream is still within reach, because interest rates are also still at historic lows.

And that dream is enhanced by the benefits of owning your home:

• Repairs and upgrades are totally up to you. There’s no need for a landlord’s approval, so you may paint the walls and decorate as you wish.

• There are possible tax deductions, generally based on the annual amount of interest paid on a mortgage, some closing costs on the loan, and real estate property taxes. Be sure to consult your tax expert.

• It can be a safe haven from rising housing costs. For example, as rental costs go up, your monthly mortgage payment would remain the same if you have a fixed-rate loan.

• It can be a great investment. The equity you build in your home over time can be a money-saving financial tool: For example, you can borrow against the equity through a Home Equity Line of Credit that’s generally at a much lower interest rate than credit cards.

• On an emotional level, your home is your nest, in a community where you have chosen to perhaps build a family, connect with neighbors and enjoy pride of ownership.

Choose Aloha Pacific FCU

When you’re ready to build that nest, Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Aloha Pacific FCU offers numerous mortgage loan advantages, including low rates, low fees, personalized service and quicker closings.

Because APFCU is a full-service mortgage lender that also can offer local servicing through its affiliate, CUSO of Hawaii Services LLC, borrowers have a wide range of loan products at competitive rates with the convenience of local servicing.

APFCU also offers a special program that can partner the homebuyer with its Realty affiliate, CUSO Hawaii Properties LLC, which provides professional realty service and special discounts to members.

About Aloha Pacific FCU

APFCU is a full-service financial institution, with all the loans and savings products consumers need and want. Dedicated to its mission of “Building Lasting Relationships,” the credit union has assisted in the financial goals of Island families since 1936.

With seven branches conveniently located on Oahu and one in Las Vegas, APFCU is your go-to source for all your financial needs.

Call 531-3711, go to aloha or visit any branch for details about mortgages, membership and all the benefits APFCU offers.

Membership ($100 in Regular Savings) required. Loans are subject to approval and may change at any time. Some restrictions may apply. Contact an employee for applicable fees and terms. Hawaii NMLS# 377314

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