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The VA Home Loan Benefit: An Entitlement Earned By Sacrifice

Tony Dias
Branch Manager, VA Mortgage Center of Hawaii
President, VA Loans Hawaii
NMLS #222836

More than 18 million veterans have used their VA home loan benefits to become home owners since 1944.

In today’s tight lending environment, this low-cost home loan program is more important than ever before. VA loans continue to be the safest lending option on the market. They also allow qualified service members, veterans, and some military spouses the ability to purchase with no money down and no private mortgage insurance.

That’s an incredible benefit, and it’s becoming even more important as mortgage industry officials prepare for new restrictions and lending requirements to take effect.

Ninety percent of VA borrowers purchased a home last year without putting down a single dollar. Scores of veterans can buy a home with little or even no up-front money.

Despite those significant advantages, millions of veterans and active duty service members have yet to make use of the benefits earned by their service.

VA studies show that only about 13 percent of the nation’s veterans have used their home loan benefits. Some didn’t know whether they qualified or how to start the process. And, surprisingly, a sizable portion 20 percent according to one study are not even aware of the VA loan program.

That’s a significant statistic, and it means that educating service members and their families needs to remain a priority, not just for lenders and real estate agents but also for the community at large.

Veterans and their families sacrifice a great deal to keep our country safe. These are hard-earned benefits, and it’s important that those who have served know what’s available to them, especially in these tough economic times.

Purchase and refinance loans backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs provide qualified borrowers with unmatched safety and buyer power. They’ve also become an increasingly important path to the American dream in the wake of the subprime mortgage collapse and ensuing foreclosure crisis, which have made it tougher for some veterans to secure home financing. The VA loan program can make a tremendous difference for them and for future generations of military home buyers.

For more information on the VA Mortgage Center of Hawaii call Tony Dias at 676-8254.

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