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Tips For Simple Ways to Build Up Your savings

Collecting room décor ideas and scrolling through dream home listings will fuel your life’s aspiration of buying a home. Establishing a savings plan for your down payment first will help you attain your home ownership goals sooner than you’d think. Start using these simple savings hacks to build up your savings:

Set it and forget it. Have your paychecks direct deposited to your checking account and set up automatic transfers from your checking account into your “down payment” savings account. It’s a simple one time set up, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to set aside money for your “down payment” savings.

Keep the change. Saving your loose change is an easy way to save without having a big impact on your spending habits. Take your loose change and redeem them at a coin-counting machine to deposit into your “down payment” savings account! Here’s another fun alternative: challenge yourself to save $1 a day or even $5 a week and you’ll soon discover that little things do add up.

Have a “house-first” mindset. Think about what’s most important to you on your list of priorities and use it as a strategy to refrain, such as, when you find yourself window shopping. Would you rather have new shoes to add to your already overwhelming shoe collection, or do you want a house? Solidify your commitment to your “down payment” savings plan and choose “house” over material things that will only temporarily satisfy the shopaholic in you.

Saving for a home doesn’t have to be hard work. The Home Loan Specialists at CU Network Services can take the research and guess work out of what you would otherwise have to do. Ask them about our First-Time Home Buyer Program. They can take you through the step-by-step process of home buying and answer any questions you may have before making the big purchase. Call them at 529-4599 or visit their office at 715 S. King Street, Suite 100.

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