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Why You Should Choose Honolulu HomeLoans For Your Next Home Purchase Or Refinance

Colleen Westervelt
SVP, Loan Manager
NMLS #316771
Honolulu HomeLoans, Inc.

There are many good reasons why Honolulu HomeLoans has reached the pinnacle of Hawaii’s mortgage lending industry in only two years. One is the extensive experience and expertise of the team that came together to establish the only locally owned Mortgage Bank. As such, Honolulu HomeLoans has control over closing time lines and isn’t hampered by the delays usually encountered when the loan decisions are being made on the Mainland.

We believe that our knowledge of the local market and ability to provide loan servicing right here at our Hawaii loan center are the key to providing customers with the best possible experience when it comes to buying a new home or refinancing an existing home loan.

Local servicing means that you make your payment to our company in Honolulu, where your loan officer will be available to you to answer questions and help solve any problems that may arise in the course of your transaction…or after as well.

All our loan officers are well versed in the various loan programs and products available. The most critical decision you will make after choosing your lender is choosing the loan product that best fits your present needs and long term goals.

Our ability to offer a wide array of programs allows us to offer you the best and most flexible financing options. Our processors and underwriters are very skilled in their professions and we all work together to ensure a smooth and successful transaction, whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing to lower your monthly mortgage payments.

Honolulu HomeLoans offers conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans as well as FHA, VA, and USDA financing.

Honolulu HomeLoans is also a participating lender in the state’s Hula Mae program including the state’s down payment assistance program which is a free grant up to three percent of the purchase price. This program is offered to Hawaii residents who are U.S. citizens over the age of 18. Hula Mae applicants cannot be previous recipients of the program and the home must be owner-occupied until the loan is repaid. This loan is available for new home buyers or buyers who have not owned any land or property within the last three years.

For more information on requirements to qualify for a Hula Mae loan or any of our financing programs, please call us at 681-7500 and make an appointment to sit down with one of our loan officers for a free, no obligation consultation.

You can obtain more information on our website at, or even apply for a loan online. It’s easy to do, and once we receive your application, a loan officer will contact you right way.

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