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Go Mobile With Your Mortgage!

Buying a home is a very exciting time! However, many people may experience some anxiety when they think about all the preparation involved in applying for a mortgage. From gathering your financial records to making copies or printing them out and delivering them to the lender, there’s a lot time and effort that will be needed. But what if you could do all of this easily from your phone or tablet while on the go? Great news – YOU CAN! With the Finance Factors Mortgage App, getting your mortgage started, submitting documents, communicating with your loan officer and Realtor and monitoring the progress of you loan is at your fingertips. Our mobile app is interactive and will lead you from application all the way to closing.

Getting Started.

Getting started is easy. Simply download the free Finance Factors Mortgage App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, create an account and answer a few quick questions (and we mean quick!) to get started. If you would like to talk to a loan officer first, call us at 548-3300 and we can push the App out to you!

Easy Document Submission.

Checklists make it easy for you to see what documents we need and submitting them is painless and paperless via the Finance Factors Mortgage App:

• Connect directly to your bank, payroll processor or tax service and upload your documents straight from the source. No need to search for your paper statements, call your bank or scan your documents!

• Upload documents you already have stored on your phone, computer or the cloud directly to us.

• Use the camera on your mobile device to send a photo of your document to us.

As documents are submitted, your checklist is updated so you can keep track of what’s completed. The App is integrated directly into our loan processing system so documents are attached to your loan file right away, minimizing delays and keeping your loan moving forward!

Secure Communication.

When you have a question, the secure chat feature allows you to contact your loan officer from within the App! Your Realtor can also be included as a contact in the App allowing you to include him or her in conversations. Your Realtor will not see your confidential information but will be able to receive notifications when milestones are reached. It’s a great way to keep everyone informed and ensure that your purchase goes smoothly!

Real-Time Updates and 24/7 Access.

Always have access to the status of your mortgage in real-time! An easy-to-read journey map shows you exactly where your loan is in the process. In addition, the Finance Factors Mortgage App is interactive and will provide real-time updates from application to closing so as your loan moves forward, notifications are sent right away to you and your Realtor.

Finance Factors has been helping Hawaii’s people for over 65 years. We’re committed to:

• Providing a convenient, easy mortgage experience. Tools such as our Finance Factors Mortgage App will provide you helpful checklists and automatic updates as your loan progresses so that you and your Realtor always know what’s expected and where your mortgage is in the process.

• Providing personalized service. Our experienced loan officers will walk you through the mortgage process and are here to listen to your story and help you find the right loan solution to meet your needs. Contact us in the way that fits your lifestyle. Use our mobile app, visit our website, call us, or visit any one of our 13 branches. It’s completely up to you.

• Getting you the best possible rate. Rates on our traditional 30-year fixed mortgages are among the lowest in Hawaii!

Compare our interest rates in the Mortgage Lending Leaders box on this page.

Call us at 548-3300 on Oahu or toll-free at 1-800-648-7136 to speak to one of our helpful, experienced loan officers or visit us at www.FinanceFactors.com.

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