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House Not Selling? Try Feng Shui

By Lisa Scontras

Frustrated because you have done everything your Realtor recommended and your home still hasn’t sold? Maybe your home just doesn’t have the right feel.

Alice Inoue, life guide, author and founder of Happiness U offers this: “Often I hear people say, ‘I’ve done everything my Realtor suggested I do — decluttered, depersonalized. But I’m still not attracting the right buyers.’ Well, there is one more thing you can do.”

Inoue offers these simple feng shui tips to enhance a home’s energy and create an environment that will attract a buyer.

“We’ve all heard it said that ‘that person has good energy’ or ‘that house has a good vibe.’ When we walk into a home, we can feel its energy,” said Inoue. “When a house is about to change owners, there are adjustments we can make to attract new energy.”

She explained how when a home isn’t selling, it may be because the owners are still attached to the home and aren’t really ready to let go.

“First, you need to start moving by packing up some of the things in your home attached to memories. People who are still emotionally attached to the home are energetically holding on, and not ready to let go of a home. By honoring the memories, packing them up, the house has room for new energy.”

Inoue also advised a new doormat the exact width of the door. “A new mat offers a place for new energy to land,” she said.

To bring in new energy, she suggested buying a new plant (not the one you already have, and nothing prickly) and placing it near the front door.

The front door also needs to function without groaning or squeaking. Get some WD-40 or do what you have to do to fix squeaks.

“This is a transition area, from public to private. We want to transition new people in, and the current owners out. We want the front door to open effortlessly.”

Once inside, it is favorable to have a hip-height table. “Canes are hip high, and canes make us feel more secure, more stable,” Inoue added. “A small entry table also lands the energy. Makes us feel safe.”

Last but not least, pay particular attention to the hallways.

“Hallways connect us from the kitchen to the living room and bedrooms. They represent connections between you and potential buyers. If the hallways are clear, run a mop or broom through them to shift the energy. Sometimes one little shift makes all the difference.

“I’ve seen this work, it’s very common that energy gets stuck, and if you can do something about it, it absolutely makes a difference.”

While you may be skeptical about the spiritual aspect of feng shui, the practice centers largely on practical placement of home furnishings and layout to create the kind of harmonious living environment prospective buyers are looking for.

“There really isn’t anything magical or superstitious about this. This is about who is going to get the advantage. If you’re doing this and no one else is doing it, yours will sell better.”

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