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“I’d Like to Speak to A Representative” Rehumanizing the Home Buying Experience

Ariel Wong
Mortgage Loan Originator
Direct: (808) 783-5036
NMLS ID: 1828040

Let’s admit it.

Technology is taking over our lives. From the way we bank to how we purchase a home – no matter where you look people are being replaced by technology. As an “Elder Millennial,” I understand the appeal of removing the middleman and going digital.

When I shop, for anything, I love perusing the entire selection, taking time to think on it, or even just having the ability to say no without guilt or pressure. Unfortunately, these are not common attributes of any of my sales experiences involving a representative. Shopping digitally had made my experience exactly what I wanted it to be. From where I was sitting, I had complete control over the entire process. And I did it all in my sweats!

However, there are two sides to every story. Where there was a tremendous amount of perceived simplicity, there was also a tremendous lack of clarity and understanding. There is more to a transaction than just the purchase aspect. I hadn’t realized that when I “simplified,” I also sacrificed all expert advice, any type of personalized experience, an array of customized options, or something as simple as just getting some help when I needed it.

Imagine having any of those issues when attempting to purchase a home or even refinance your current place. Sure, you can sit on your couch, watching the news, unwinding from your day and surf the loan options on one of the many mortgage apps for the fun of it. Why not? But consider that online window shopping; mainly you’re getting an idea of what’s out there. When you decide to go to the next point on your journey to homeownership, you should consider consulting with a professional advisor.

Home buyers have a tendency of limiting the mortgage process to rates and down payments. Tip of the iceberg, my friends. The world of mortgages goes far deeper than the popular abbreviations brought to you by a structured, and limited, algorithm.

With a licensed and professional advisor, you have the opportunity to have someone with the understanding and know-how to guide you through every step, explain every line of fine print, be there to discuss your concerns at any time, provide service years after the loan is closed, and offer the best possible options based on the client’s life and circumstances instead of their credit score. Additionally, all advice dispensed comes no-strings-attached and is completely free. So, ask away!

Don’t get me wrong! Have fun checking out the bells and whistles of the newest addition to the mortgage app world or shopping multimillion-dollar homes from your favorite chair. But remember, when it comes to the biggest purchase of your life, you should always seek out the pros.

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